The ’12 Election and ME

I’ve never been the one who was into politics or what they do. It was always a little boring to me. However, this election year I am able to vote and plan on doing such. I’ve seen and heard alot on the presidential election. I agree and disagree with certain things on each side. I haven’t stayed up on all the polls or watched the news covering the two. The media has done their job with keeping people up to date and I haven’t heard to many bad things about the candidates. There has been alot to stand out to me about these two candidates. Most was humorous that probably exaggerated the truth, like the memes on facebook and videos on youtube that tend to be a bit crude. One thing about Romney that stood out and got alot of attention was his comment on “the 47%”. It raised lots of questions and concerns. It amazed me at first but then I later found out that the information wasn’t accurate and he was saying these things in a room full of Republicans. Not much has stood out to me about Obama. He has done some great things in his term so far, but there are things that could’ve happened that didn’t. I wouldn’t say that the media has influenced my decisions for this election. I have my own beliefs, and when it comes to picking a president I think about what I want to happen for me and what I want to become available, being a college student and all. I also think about my family and what should be available for them to have. With my sisters in school and my mom as well, also one sister has Arthiritis. I look into the future and picture how I want it to be then based on that see which candidate will offer these things. I’d say its been a good election year and I’m anxious to see who will win and become the president.

By gwendolynrichmond

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