My future and the media

So far this semester we have covered alot of material in the media. Every class when even talk about what is new in the media. The one discussion that stood out to me the most was the 9/11 discussion. For some reason 9/11 impacts me greatly and I had alot to share that day with the class. My career goal is to be a producer. I want to be both broadcasting and maybe in a few short films or even actual blockbusters. What I took out of the discussion, besides all the different stories and theories, was how the social media has changed. This aspect can help me in the future because I will know that things are changing and always will. I don’t know how I could prepare myself for it but I know that all perspectives play a part in an event. What I mean by this is, I will know how to make a good production. The producer is a very busy person that has alot to focus on, and during 9/11 there really was. There were many events occuring in just one day. And now thinking about it, these really go together. Just think of the movies they have made about 9/11 and how they come up with different stories and perspectives of that day.

By gwendolynrichmond

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