My ‘excessive’ media usage ;)

So, I go to bed with TV on and I wake up with the TV on. My favorite show right now is Awkward. Tv is the second most media form I use. The most media I use is my phone. I have used it to text. I have probably sent over 200 hundred texts and recieved even more than that. I use my phone for everything. I used to check and double check bus schedules. I also download alot of apps. I just bought a car over the weekend and now I can include radio into my media usage. My presets are what I survive on. #1= 92.3, #2=98.5, #3=91.5, #4=101.5, #5=105.7 and #6=106.9. I tune into every channel atleast once when I’m in the car. When I am working at the movie theater there is a commercial that plays every two minutes it seem like. It makes me laugh everytime I see it and it gets stuck in my head. I wouldn’t say I have patterns, I just have a very routine way that I use my media. It all depends on my mood. Some days I don’t want to be bothered and leave my phone in a different room and only watch TV. Other days, I could be on the computer for hours. Most of the media I use reflects me. Like my age and interest. For instance, the music I listen to and the types of shows I watch, or things I will look up.

By gwendolynrichmond

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